20 love phrases by Frida Kahlo

The writer and journalist specializing in themes of love, emotions and personal growth, Paloma Corredor, has published an article entitled “20 Phrases of Love by Frida Kahlo”, the precursor of feminism and one of the most important in the history of art , of course, after the Mona Lisa. The value of her paintings has far exceeded the works of renowned male artists.
Frida Kahlo, has gone down in history as the most famous Mexican painter. But it was much more than that. Woman of marked genius and personality, eternal wife of muralist Diego Rivera (the love of his life), feminist icon and, although this facet of his is less known, was a poetess and writer of remarkable talent.
Behind its populated uniceja, there was an iron personality that was able to make way in a world in which the feminine gender did not fit. Frida Kahlo was one of the first women to make her work an internal exploration; for that reason, most of his works are self-portraits, and most of his written legacy, were autobiographies.
Her life and work are marked by physical suffering: first a childhood illness, then a terrible accident that kept her bedridden for long periods and took her to the operating room more than 30 times.
Frida was a survivor, a free woman (despite her wounded body), an original and unconventional creator. Despite being married, she was bisexual and had celebrated lovers like Leon Trotsky or, it is rumored, Chávela Vargas.
The Mexican artist, whose pictures are well-known, also wrote a lot: poems, diaries, letters, intimate texts … And of course, she often did about love, unloving, passion and feelings.

Here you have a selection of his most passionate phrases; direct, without hairs on the tongue and many of them dedicated to her husband:

1. Where you can not love, do not delay.
2. Can you invent verbs? I want to tell you one: I love you, so my wings stretch huge to love you without measure.
3. If I could give you one thing in life, I would like to give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then will you realize how special you are to me.
4. And you know that the sexual attraction in women is over volatile, and then they have nothing left in their heads to defend themselves in this filthy life of fuck.
5. I feel that from our place of origin we have been together, that we are of the same matter, of the same waves, that we carry in the same direction.
6. You may expect to hear from me howl ‘how much you suffer’ by living with a man like Diego. But I do not think the banks of a river suffer for letting it run.
7. To wallow your own suffering is to risk you to devour you from within.
8. As always, when I move away from you, I carry your world and your life in my heart, and that is what I can not recover from.
9. I will never forget your presence in my life. You welcomed me in shambles and you gave me back, whole.
10. I would like to give you everything you would never have had, and you would not even know the wonder of being able to love you.
11. Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly?
12. I will learn stories to tell you, I will invent new words to tell you in all that I love you like no one else.
13. I feel that I always loved you, since you were born, and before, when you were conceived. And sometimes I feel that you were born to me.
14. Child of my eyes, you know what I would give you today, and all my life. If it were in my hands you would already have it. At least I can offer you to be with you in my heart.
15. I paint self-portraits because I am long alone. I paint myself, because I am the one I know best.
16. Everything can have beauty, even the most horrible.
17. Here is your companion, happy and strong as it should be; I hope soon and your return to help you, to love you always in peace.
18. I need you so much that my heart hurts.
19. The atoms of my body are yours and vibrate together to love us.
20. If we ever get married, you’re going to be, I’m going to be “good”, almost as ordered to do for you …