Abolition Nuclear Weapons (ICANN) Won the Nobel Prize 2017

The International Campaign for Abolition Nuclear Weapons – ICANN, won the Nobel Prize in peace this year, in an effort to build a world free from nuclear weapons.

ICANN will get a gold medal and 80 million Swedish cronors (12.5 million dollars) for the prize. The award will be officially awarded in Oslo on December 10.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is awarded the Gabba Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his efforts to establish peace with the FARC guerrillas in the end of the five-decade bloody conflict.

According to the last wishes of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize was awarded in medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, peace and economics every year for contributions to research, innovation and welfare of humanity.

The name of the Nobel Laureate will be announced in the economy on October 9.