Air France aircraft engine was stuck on the Atlantic Ocean

The plane was forced to land an emergency landing on the Atlantic Ocean in Paris, a part of an Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles.

While flying across the Greenland, the Airbus A380 aircraft have become completely obsolete in four engines.
A spokeswoman for Air France said the plane had 496 passengers and 24 crew members. But no one was injured in this incident.

A former aircraft named David Rehman was a passenger on the plane. He told the BBC, he thought that the incident happened because the engine’s fan was crippled.
He said, suddenly the plane was shaken and then a loud sound was heard. The passengers were terrified.
Mr. Rehmar said, for a few moments, he seemed to be scrambling on the ground.
But after the aircraft stabilized within 30 seconds, he realized that the wing of the aircraft was not damaged. The pilots quickly closed the damaged engine, he said.

After flying for about one and a half hour with the help of three engines, the plane landed at Labrador Airport in eastern Canada.

In the picture taken by passengers, the front of the engine was completely devastated and the upper part of the wings was also damaged.

However, the small airport in Canada is not suitable for keeping a large aircraft like Airbus A380, the passengers are stuck inside the aircraft.

Mr. Rehmar said they were told that two Air France 777 flights from Montreal were coming for the passengers to move.

Air France said in a statement that the engine of an aircraft has been ‘seriously damaged’ and their staff “managed to handle the situation fairly”