Angela Merkel win for the fourth time

For the fourth consecutive year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been elected. But the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CEDU) / Christian Social Union (CSU) in the election had the worst results in 70 years.

The party got the highest 32.9 percent of the votes. And the Social Democratic Party (SPD), partner of Merkel’s coalition partner, got 20.8 percent of the vote. After the election, the party announced its exit from the alliance to sit in the opposition.

The hardline right-wing alternative for Germany (AFD) is placed third with 13.1 percent of the seats. In addition, the FDP 10 percent, the Green Party 8.9 percent and the left party got 8.9 percent of the votes.

After winning the victory, Merkel said in his speech to the supporters, “My expectation was that the team would do better. People are afraid, anxious because of the rise of AFD party. I would listen to those who are concerned about this.

Meanwhile, after declaration of results of the election, the hardline right-wing protesters against Merkel. They also carry placards associated with Mercil’s policy of welcoming refugees.

Polling began from 8am on Sunday and started till 6pm. In the morning the presence of the voters was somewhat less, but with the increase of the crowd, the crowds grew at the centers.

The latest figures came before the election, Merkel is coming to power again. His winning streaks were also found in the Boothferrat survey. Merkel voted at the center of Rugen-Graffielder of his own election area, Mackelburg for Pommen State. And one of his rivals, the Social Democratic Party, Martin Shulz, voted in his native Northwestern Westerfal State in Bhuraslane.

In the German parliament, 299 direct candidates were held in 598 seats. The remaining 299 seats are divided among the parties in the proportion of votes received by the party. Source: BBC.