Avril is finally losing the crown, the name of the new winner is coming!

A new one is going to be ‘Miss World Bangladesh’ by ending speculation. But it is not known who he is. However, it is known from close source that the first runner up is going to be ‘Miss World Bangladesh’. The names that the judges gave to the authorities are going to prove to be true. The name of the original winner will be announced on the evening of October 4 via a formal press conference by crowning the crown from Abril’s head. And the head of the winner will be put on his head.

Abril registers the name ‘Miss World Bangladesh’ by making false allegations in marriage and separation. But the authenticity of the divorce was not found even after the truth of divorce. It is known that the crown is being taken from the head of Avril for breaking the rules.

Interdental Showbiz and Aknik Entertainment said, “We will announce new announcement on October 4 evening in a five-star hotel in the capital. And the name of the new winner of ‘Miss World Bangladesh’ will be announced through a press conference there. Abrill’s crown will be taken away as well. You are invited. ‘Let’s see the judge’s verdict is going to be Jessica Islam’ Miss World Bangladesh ‘? The answer to this question is available on October 4 evening.