‘Breast Cancer’ needs social awareness

Monthly breast cancer awareness program started on October 10. The reason is that awareness can be given to women from the disease.

Every year 22 thousand women are being infected with breast cancer in the country. And 70 percent of them are losing their lives due to lack of adequate medical treatment and late detection. The reason behind this is being blamed for shame, shrinkage, family neglect, indifference, financial crisis and many other issues. However, mainly shame, shyness and unconsciousness, I think it is working as the main obstacle in preventing the death of the disease.

However, statistics say that only if a woman is well-informed, but death can free herself from this disease. How is that? The answer is, if there is any kind of wheel, tumor, swelling or discomfort in the breasts, the fluid curtain is coming out from the breast; if you see these, you will have to go to the doctor without neglect or delay. It is not okay to waste time with unnecessary junk, tree-plantation, or nutmeg fresh. Waste time wasted in doing this. And on that occasion the cancer gradually spread to the whole body. And then it would be difficult to eliminate it.
Do not waste your time in the absence of unnecessary time, before the breast cancer spreads to other places in the body. If this is found in the beginning, it can be possible to make the disease viable. Financial costs are much less then.

But once the disease spreads to the body, it becomes difficult to cure it, and the amount of cost expenditure increases a lot. As a result, if there is any special change in the breast, wheel or discomfort, then it is necessary to take appropriate measures to detect and eradicate them. If the cure of diseases is as easy and quick as it is, then the financial cost is greatly reduced.

There is no alternative to becoming aware of breast cancer prevention and healing.