Catalan Referendum: Separatists are Watching Overnight Polling Stations

The Catalan leaders insist that the referendum will start from the local time without ignoring the Spanish government’s ban.
Regional leaders say they are hoping that the ballot box will be created and a lot of voters will be there.
However, the Spanish government is sending additional police to stop voting.
Voters started standing in line from deep nights long before the voting started. Thousands of supporters of separation are surrounded by schools declared as polling stations for the night.
Police say they will be evicted.
Organizers of the referendum called for voters to attend the polling station “5pm (GMT 3:00) at the dawn of voters”. Voting starts at 9:00 am local time.

In a message from a social media, the organizers said, “We must ensure that many people of all ages are present”, and also called for the peaceful resistance of any police station.
On Sunday, “a very important day for democracy” local Catalan told a television regional vice-president, Oreal Junkeras.

“We have overcome many obstacles, there is nothing that we can not cross.” He said, “If we do not protect our rights, who will?”
There will be only one question on the ballot papers: “Do you want to be an independent state in the form of Catalonia?” Answer: Yes or no.

Catalonia has a population of 75 million. Swiss population is equal to. 16 percent of Spain’s total population in Catalunya Barcelona, ​​the capital of this northeast province of Spain. They have their own language. Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the world, football, as well as tourism.
The government of Spain says this referendum is illegal. Not only that, the court has also ordered the closure of this voting.