Donald Trump threatened North Korea and Iran

In the first speech given by the United Nations, US President Donald Trump threatened North Korea and Iran He said the United States is ready to break North Korea completely. And Iran has also threatened to use all-round energy to stop Iran’s ‘terrible nuclear weapons’ program. News AFP

In the United Nations General Assembly speech, Trump warned North Korea to withdraw from the nuclear program. North Korea threatens to end his country by mentioning Kim Jong-un as ‘Iron Man’. Trump said, “The United States has great power and patience. But if we are forced to defend ourselves or allies, we will have no choice but to destroy North Korea. ‘

The threat of tragedy is more threatening to the Korean leader in the trump, “Rocket Man is driving himself and his country towards suicide mission.” The United States is ready, willing and capable. But hopefully it will not be needed.
Referring to the signing of a nuclear deal signed between Iran and the six powers in the world in 2015, Trump said that the deal failed to tame Iran’s destructive role in the Middle East conflict.

Trump said, “We can not let such murderers continue to work unstable, when they continue to create terrifying missiles … In truth, this deal is a shame for the United States.” Trump said, ‘believe. Now is the time to join us all over the world. Iran has to end their destruction.

In today’s speech of Trump, the nuclear negotiations that took place in 2015 will ultimately result in doubts about whether America will be there or not. Trump had announced more than once to come out of the negotiation during the presidential election campaign.