War of liberation 1971 in Chapainawabganj

Shah Alam, Chapainawabganj Correspondent:
During the war of liberation 1971 on 8th October, the Pakistan Army broke the doors of our house and put my father Abdul Bari Chowdhury in the house and took arms in the chest saying my father said in reply to Zindabad, Joy-Bangla, Joy-Bangabandhu, three times Replying about 1 dozen shoots, leaving my father’s body scurrilous E pakabahinira. Then I was eight years old and I could not do anything. Mom Suruj Jahan Chowdhury protested at this time and he was rescued physically and mentally. Even after 46 years of independence, the scene was unheard of, when he got upstairs in front of the eyes, tears filled with tears, Shahid Abdul Bari Chowdhury’s elder son Abu Hayder Chowdhury.

He also said, war of liberation 1971 after killing my father, requested for a funeral and burial of peace committee member Gofra Jola (present dead) for burial, but he refused to leave the house. But for my father’s hobby foreign dog (Calcutta Bandel) bought “Jippi” for three days my father’s wounded body was guarded. Three days later, in the darkness of the night, my relatives secretly buried funeral prayer, kafan, and patan without my father. The incident took place in village Bajitpur of Shyampur union of Shibganj upazila of Chapainawabganj. Shaheed Abdul Bari Chowdhury was the son of the renowned Chowdhury family. He was the officer of E.P., and Bahini. In 1964, he left his voluntary job because of the bad conduct of the senior officials. In the presence of Razakar Shahjahan of Bajitpur village in the same area, the Pak soldiers conducted this ruthless massacre in 1969 when Bangabandhu had expressed anguish and tibra condemnation in the case of Agartala conspiracy case.

People of other martyrs, who are reluctant to disclose the names, said that only ten people, including Abdul Bari Chowdhury, Sohrab Hossain, Aftab Chowdhury, Mintu Chowdhury, and Kais Ali, were brutally murdered and buried in the same way. Which is currently only memory According to the famous freedom fighter A, K, Nurunbabi and Abu Josnar (present mortal) of liberation 1971, the people of other martyrs also said that during the war, the martyrs of the freedom fighters, due to various types of food service, the Shimpur Union peace committee chairman Abdul Kadir Miah (present dead) and Peace Committee member Rabu Mian, Babu Mian, along with Gofra Jola (all dead) many of the Peace Committee Hayogitaya Pakistani forces war in liberation 1971 October 1971 8th run this brutal murder. A freedom fighter, who was reluctant to disclose the name, said in the mourning anger, family members of the peace committee members are now playing important role of the ruling party.

Shaheed Sohrab Hossain’s son Moha Babul Hossain said that after the war in 1972, former Awami League leader of the freedom fighters was late Dr. In the effort of Moinuddin Ahmed, he gave ten thousand rupees to 10 martyrs of Shyampur union. No one else has ever searched for it. He also said that the government is demanding the trial of the culprits of this murder.

Conclusion of story of the war of liberation 1971

Badiur Rahman Bodhu, son of Shaheed Muslim Uddin of Parchoka village of Manaksha union of Badi upazila of the country, said that the incident is demanding the government to take necessary action after proper investigation of the painful incident.