Easter Island surrounded by mystery and love

A wonderful area in Easter Island. You can not finish what you see when you are there.
Tourists want to hit the island once in their life. If you walk on the world’s most remote island, you will be surprised at the ancient and rocky face of the city.

A volcanic island of Polynesia is the island of Easter Island. Locals call it Rapa Nui. Famous as the archaeological area. There are about 900 rocky statues called Moai. The 13th to the 16th century they made these people inhabitants. Traveling people who run away seeing these

The huge volcanic eruptions, rocky villages, beaches, extraordinary sea food and aquatic life are amazing here.

From the island of Sugar, the nearest human habitation, Pitcairn Island, is 13 miles away. So, the visitor’s experience will be met there. Regardless of the distance, the facilities for tourists are all inclusive.

It will not be difficult to get there. Latin America’s top carrier Latam Airlines goes there several times a week from Santiago and Chile. Once a week flies off from Sidi and from Tahiti.