Dreamland of Women Education- Is Estublishing

Moussa Director General Dr. Waheduzzaman told Samkal that there are a number of great women in the country, they have worked in the women’s advance. Their contribution in all areas, including development of women, is visible. It is important to take this contribution forward and advise women to pursue education. This will not only improve the education of women but also make women students more self-reliant.
Kamrunnahar said about the project, the project is expected to bring a breakthrough change in women’s education. Implementation of these important components can be successful if implemented. In order to protect itself with increasing mental skills, women will be taught in Karate by skilled Karate instructors in other activities.

The project will be taught by Karate: Deputy Director of Planning (Development and Development) Khurshid Alam, as the supervisor of the project, Research Officer Kamrunnahar is in charge of Focal Points and Research Officer of Focal Point Assistant. Mukim Mia

It is known that the institutions which will be established in the center of the institute have already started inspection. Checking whether there are any limitations to start the organization at the inspection. In the meantime, the officials of the Nawab Faizunnesa Girls’ High School, Nawab Faizunnesa Government College, Pairaband Begum Rokeya Memorial Girls High School, Government Begum Rokeya College, Faridpur Government Sarada Sundari Mahila Government College and Sarda Sundari Girls High School visited the center. In the phases, the institutions will be finally set up to inspect and review the remaining institutions.

What will be done: Project proposal says that auditoriums, sports equipment and conference rooms will also be created for various events and meetings. Apart from this, arrangements will be made for Naribandhav Education Complex, Auditorium, Academic Building and Accommodation in these institutions. Apart from this, creating training modules with the help of international quality consultant on life skill training, skilled manpower for life skill training, memory conservation center, language and ICT lab, counseling corner, physical education center, indoor games and recreation room, transportation facilities, including transportation facilities. Centers, etc. will be established and constructed.

Two issues are highlighted for the project. The first is to ensure healthy body structure, mind development and mental health development of women students. Through this, a female student can contribute to the circumstances surrounding her and become eligible citizen of the next day, as a competent mother to form the nation. The second is to give respect to their wishes and to preserve their memories to respect Mahayasi women.

‘Mother’s Education Dreamland’: It is known from Mausi that the new project has been named as ‘setting the dreamland of women education’. Proposals are being prepared to send a review to the education ministry for the implementation of the project. If you get a discount from the Ministry, money will be passed from ECNEC. After getting the budget allocated from ECNEC, its activities will start from next year. The primary proposal of the project is to mention that the educational institutions in the name of six Mahaishi women will be formed as ideal institutions for women education. But the project is scheduled for three years but the budget is not fixed. In the context of the project, it has been said that more than half of the population of the country is women. In this situation, sustainable development is not possible without the development of women. Again women are not safe yet. So if they are strengthened physically and mentally they can solve many problems themselves. Society will enjoy long-term benefits if they provide healthcare, psychological services and legal services to victims of abuse.

Different types of training will be provided. There will be separate training for general practitioners of educational institutions. The top policy makers of the Ministry of Education said that through this training, there will be a breakdown of women education on one hand and on the other hand, the tendency of suicides will be prevented by increasing their mental skills. It reduces the loss of life.

Six great women are – Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, Begum Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib, Sufia Kamal, Pritilata Waddedar, Nawab Faizunnesa Chowdhurni and Sarada Sundari. In their name, the academic and residential buildings of the educational institutes established in the country are being constructed by the students

Women have to be victims of domestic and social violence. The education ministry has taken initiative to release them from this situation. The new project, called ‘Swapan Bhumi’ of women’s education, has been taken to increase their physical and mental skills so that no teenager or young girl has to be victimized by such cruelty. This initiative is unique in the name of women of the era of six rich women. Under this project, different types of training will be given to increase the physical and mental skills of the students. Besides, their education and knowledge will be prosperous. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Mausi) will implement this project.