‘Flying Motorbike’ is being added to Dubai Police

Modern vehicles of Dubai police are flying motorbikes after Lamborghini petrol cars, self-driving robots and Android officers. This device was designed by Russian technology company HoverSurf Scorpion.

The jetty will be in the zero, depending on the four wings. Automatically walks 40 miles per hour for 25 minutes, carrying a weight of £ 600 in one seat. The Dubai Police will add it to the ‘Smart City’ plan immediately after displaying a talk-show this year.

HoverSurf CEO Alexander Atamnov wrote on his Facebook page, We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai Police and they invited to increase the expansion in Dubai.
The idea of ​​a new electronic motorbike to showcase Gertex technology in Dubai is a scorpion made by Japanese company Mikasa. At first it started moving on the ground. Later, when its speed reached 124 miles per hour, it became like a motorbike for ‘Torn’ movie.
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