A game based on Blue Whale online

A game based on Blue Whale online. The competition created by creating a community online. It has a total of 50 steps. And to play the steps, the community admin or director will challenge the person who wants to play. And the contestant will upload his photo by completing the challenge. Initially, it is fairly easy and some challenging work is given. For example: ghost movie viewing in midnight. Walking on the edge of the rooftop in the morning and painting the whale fish with a blade manually.

But with stepping up, the director gives a tough and deadly challenge. Those are very horrific and the latest steps in the game are to kill themselves. That means, if the game ends, the contestant will have to commit suicide.
The end of the game of smartphones in the end can be so terrible, who had thought of it a few days ago? Recently, the “Blue Whale” game, which has become the name of terror around the world, has captured many young souls.

The full name of the horror is “Blue Whale Suicide Game” The game’s admin is moving forward towards death slowly by fooling one man very easily. Users are becoming so addicted to playing the game that at one time the heart does not tremble even to kill themselves.

Blue Whale Suicide Game