How to take care of the hand

If you are old, the skin will be bruised-it is normal. When the talk of the ballerina plays on the head, it looks like the face. The care is limited to this type of care. It goes wrong here. Sacrifice does not just fall on the face; The body is bent in many places. The two can not be removed. If you start to take care of the time, it will not be easily hand-drawn. In front of the eyes and neck as well as in the hand, the pillar from the first. Over time, skin collagen is lost. Because the skin of the hand becomes thick and pale. The skin also hangs. Find out some easy tips:

Protection from sunshine

There is no need to scrape the cloth or gloves all day long. There will be good quality sun screen in hand. Before leaving the house regularly clean the hands and apply sunscreen. Stephenie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director of European Dermatology London, said, “UV Radiation is regularly seen in our hands. For this reason, the pillar of the hand has been delayed before time. UV ray matrix stimulates metalloproteinasease enzymes, which helps to defeat collagen.

Water pressure

Washing the toilet, bathing the child, cleaning the house, whatever happens, the water touches the hand in various activities. The pressure on the skin of the skin is done to make frequent water work. For this reason, the lipid goes away from the skin, which acts as a protective skin for the skin. The result is, the hands become annoyed.
To make more water work every day, it is better to take gloves on hand. Eid in front, the work of meat cutting will continue throughout the day. Wash your hands repeatedly. Place the handcrumbs beside the handwash. Take a little cream after washing your hands. Stefanie Williams advised to use Vitamin ‘E’ and Vitamin ‘C’ syrup in the morning.

The effect of soap

It is also necessary to wash hands with soap, it is also important. Soap has a big impact on the skin. The use of more alkaline soap becomes handy. Chemical removes the dirt by hand, but the hand does not provide any protection.
The use of excess alkaline soap makes the level of the pH of the skin unbalanced. It also increases skin dryness. With age, the problem of dryness increases further. The amount of softness that the skin loses, can not bring it back. For this reason do the work of washing a bath or a bath with a low alkaline soap or alkaline soap.

Source: Good Housekeeping