I had to run away; The child was born on the run

The army started attacking just before the children of Hamida’s abdomen came to earth; I had to run away; The child was born on the run; But before the woman was released, she had to run again …

On August 25, after the Rohingya rebels attacked the army and police camp, the army launched a raid in Rakhine; Refugees fleeing the arsonist Rohingyas were burned and the house was being burned.

30-year-old Hamida’s house in the village of Kuachong in Maungdaw district; The village is situated on the other side of the Naf River on the border of Cox’s Bazar.

Hamida was getting the sign of the child coming to the light of the world in uncertainty after the start of the military operation; Because 10 months have passed.

The army entered the village on September 2; In Hamidar, they threw rocket launchers and burned the village. When the villagers started shouting, they fired from the back.

Hamida and her husband escaped with their six children in the forest. They are hiding there for two days. It was at this time that the birth of child prostitutes pains Fear of him, because there is nothing to bring the child.

Hamida said that three hours after birth, her baby was born; The child comes to the world well-being.

But before the cutting of the newborn baby, they suddenly heard the sound of shooting; That means the soldiers are coming out. I had to run again, in that case.

Hamida said, “It was a lot of trouble, but what to do? If you want to survive, then you have to run. If they catch (army) then they will kill. This child will also be killed. ”

Hamida ran out of panic and anxiety In his language, it was not known how far it was to run. It just seemed that I have to live, save the baby.

Then, after taking shelter in a safe place in the forest, Husband cut the child’s pulse with a bamboo strap, said Hamida. The child is separated from the mother’s womb. They named the boy ‘Hossain Sahib’.