This Incident Has Never Happened Before.

One of the fans became unconscious after seeing Musharraf Karim that was Never Happened.

This incident has never happened before. One of the fans became unconscious after seeing Musharraf Karim. Such incident occurs in ‘Swapnil 2’ shooting house at Uttara 7 Sector. After talking to Musharraf Karim, the authenticity of the incident was confirmed.

Ujjwal Hossain of Benapole, has long been trying to meet Musharraf Karim. His efforts have been more intense since the last seven days. The favorite actor took a job from Gazipur near Dhaka to meet an eye from the front and talk to him. From there he tried to know the position of Musharraf Karim in many ways. At one stage, you can know that Mosharraf Karim is busy shooting for Uttara drama. There Musharraf Karim was shooting for the current serial ‘Mahaguru’, which was aired on Bangla Vision. This incident happened in the drama set.

Mosharraf Karim is serving the sick devotees. Musharraf Karim said, “There have been many incidents in front of fans in the past. What happened now is very dangerous. I would say, this is not good. I was shocked by the loss of boy’s sense. Then everyone stopped shooting and became busy in the boy’s ministry. Everyone tried to normalize him.