India has churned pepper powder, stan grenades to prevent Rohingya

Officials said the “rusty and stained grenades” were being hurled at the border to prevent Rohingyas fleeing in the face of violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

India is taking such a tough step to prevent Rohingya from the eastern border of Bangladesh.

The Hindu-majority country, India’s border security forces are already trying to evacuate about 40,000 Rohingyas living in the country.

Referring to security risks, the forces have been given the power to stop the ruthless entry of any Rohingya.

A senior BSF official said, “We do not want to get them involved in serious crime or serious injuries,” the Indian Border Security Force, who is reluctant to disclose the name, said. But Rohingyas will not tolerate the soil of India. ”

He said, “We are using peppercorn grenade to drive a few hundred Rohingyas trying to enter India … the situation is exciting.”

BSF deputy inspector general PRS Jaiswal said that both the security officials have been asked to use peppercorn grenades and stan grenades to prevent Rohingya. He is in charge of a large part of India’s eastern border West Bengal border.

The use of chilli powder grenade is burning in the body. And the stun grenade throws lightning and the flashing light. In this, people are terrified and they are temporarily unconscious.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is becoming increasingly harsh on Rohingyas Indian Home Minister on Thursday called on the Rohingyas to be deported as illegal immigrants from India.

However, two Rohingya representatives protested against it in the Supreme Court of India on Friday said most of the peace-loving Rohingya refugees are not involved in criminal activities.

As the United Nations, 4 lakh 22 thousand Rohingyas have entered Bangladesh in the last four weeks. A few hundred Rohingyas are desperate to enter India beyond the border.

India is monitoring surveillance on border An official of the country’s central investigation agency said they are seeking cooperation of Muslim religious leaders for the surveillance of Rohingyas.

New Delhi Police Officer Pramod Singh Khushwah said, “The investigation has shown that al-Qaeda is trying to use India and Bangladesh as their base to start fighting in Myanmar. And so they are obviously a threat to India. “