Indian police torture farmers by nude

In Madhya Pradesh in India, the Indian police torture the farmers of nudging. In the social media spreading picture, many people were sitting in a room after underwear.

In the picture of this incident on Tuesday, farmers are going out of the Indian police with bulged cloth. These farmers appeared before the district government office on demand. The BJP is demanding this protest by the Congress. The police used baton charge, tear gas and watercourse in their suppression if the protests got violent. Farmers were then detained and nabbed in the police station.

Congress said that these farmers were insulted and attacked. Apart from sharing the nude pictures of social media, the matter will be taken to the state’s Human Rights Commission. Police claimed that several policemen were injured in stone throwing.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said the government will not tolerate violent protests. Congress has created an unnecessary situation in which the environment has been corrupted by using sticks and stones. On the charge of unclaiming, he said that the police chief was asked to investigate and report the matter. Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh’s Home Minister Bhupinder Singh said that the police investigated the fact that the farmers were forced to be nabbed or they were niggardly on their own wish.

Bundelkhand is one of the worst affected areas in India. Here the farmers have demonstrated aggressive protests demanding waiver of debt in the context of crop failure. In June, police killed 5 Indian police protesters. NDTV.