It is known about the attacker in Las Vegas

Stephen Pedock wounded 400 people in addition to killing at least 50 people and injuring 400 in Las Vegas, USA. Las Vegas Police has given detailed information about this person 64-year-old Nevada.

The British Online Daily Mail said that before the attack on Sunday night, there was no criminal record of the person in the criminal case of the police.

He bought a house in the city of Mascot, a retirement housing project, for $ 3, 69, 000, 000 in 2015. She lived with a woman named Marilu Danley, 62, who lives in the house. He was seen with this woman before the attack. Police are looking for him after interrogation for interrogation.

Stephen Padak also had licenses for flying and hunting and fishing. He has also worked as an internal auditor of an organization named Lockheed Martin.

Police said the pedal was attacked by 33 floors from a hotel in Mandalay Bay. When the police arrived in his chamber, he became suicidal by shooting himself. Police could not yet confirm what type of weapon was used in the worst gun attack in US history.

Police said on Monday morning that 10 rifles were recovered from the room. Padak was present in the room of the hotel on Thursday 28th September. Police raided his house in mascot.

In addition to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, there are 18 hall golf courses in addition to entertainment and diets. Residents of the residential area are at least 55 years old. There can not be any child.

In addition to Nevada property, the police found that there were two aircraft of Padak. The Daily Mail told her brother Padak that they were surprised to know that her brother had committed this incident. “We do not know anything, we can not do anything except the sympathizers of the casualties,” he said.

The 90-year-old mother of Padak has been frustrated after this incident and said that her brother was trying to accept it.