Mamta’s Lyrics and Music on the TV channel

Many adjectives have already been added before the name of Mamata Banerjee in the West Bengal of India. Now the songwriter and composer Mamta His words and music are being broadcast on the West Bengal channels. The main song written by the Chief Minister is that of Indranil, Lopamudra, Rupankaras, such artists of this generation.

In order to reach home, the songs and tunes made of the songs will be available in a few television channels in West Bengal throughout the month of September.

Nowadays, it has been said that last month, Mamta Bandyopadhyay started a new ‘request meeting’ to popularize Bengali songs of new generation of artists last month. The program was inaugurated by Chief Minister Mamta Rikha and Tune Gaya. And sang his cabinet member Indranil Sen.

Once upon a time, the audience of many prominent artists of Bangla Song received the Akashbani “Anorodher Asor” ceremony.