Midfielder Hamza was of a Bangladeshi origin!

Midfielder Hamza Dewan Chowdhury, who came to the ground after the transfer of Wilfred Enidi, commented on ‘Bangladesh’. Hamasar is the last day’s debut at Lester City’s jersey. Commenting on the introduction of the 19-year-old midfielder, commentator said Hamza was of a Bangladeshi origin!

His birth, growing up in England. Leicestershire The mother of the Caribbean. But parents are Bangladeshi! Hamza Chowdhury became the first Bangladeshi born to become a footballer in the club of the highest level of football in England.
The occasion is also great, the Ligue cup match against Liverpool. Hamzaaraktao Joyye color is Hamazar. Lester won the match in the third leg of the League Cup by 2-0, and Lester ended Liverpool.

When Hamza came in the 84th minute, however, Lester’s win was almost certain. In the 65th minute, Shinji Okazaki and in the 78th minute, Islam Slymani gave Lester the best of 2-0 ahead.

In the match, however, Lecur won with a great strategy. In the first half, Kougina-Robertson had a few corners in front of football, Craig Shakespeare’s team. But the second half revolves around. Liverpool have a chance to maintain poor goals with two goals! Okazaki’s goal was to get the ball from the corner, and Sleimini’s goal was blindfolded. Shot on the left foot from outside the box.

Whatever the matter, the big story of this match to the people of Bangladesh is Hamasar Abhishek. For the first time, the first time in Europe, the ‘Bangladesh’ name was heard in the commentary of a match at the top level football in Europe. Hamza, however, is happy to be on his way to the first leg of his club ‘Lester’s Jersey’. Instagram after the match, wrote on Twitter, ‘Abhishek for his city club. What a great feeling! ‘Source: Goldtok.