Myanmar assures Rohingya to return

Myanmar assures Rohingya refugees back, for this reason, both sides will work to solve the problem by forming a joint working group. Foreign Affairs Minister AH Mahmood Ali said on Monday (October 2nd).

After the ministerial meeting of Bangladesh and Myanmar with the Rohingya crisis on Monday, he said this. The meeting was held in the State Guest House Padma. Minister of State Councilor of the State Tint Soe took part in the meeting for Myanmar. Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam, Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury and Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque were present in the meeting.

After the meeting, the Foreign Minister told reporters, “To complete the repatriation process, the two sides agreed to form a joint working group. The two sides will decide who will be in this Joint Working Group. “But it is still not correct, but it will be fast,” he said.

Bangladesh has proposed a bilateral agreement to complete the repatriation process, he said. Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali said, “The draft of the agreement has been handed over to them (Myanmar delegation).”

On the meeting, the Foreign Minister said, “There is a discussion between the two sides on security cooperation. Our Home Minister is here. He will go to Myanmar very soon We want to solve this problem peacefully. ‘

Asked about the process of rehabilitation of Rohingyas, he said, “Firstly the joint working group will be formed and the repatriation process will be started.”

Myanmar assures

Regarding the bilateral agreement, the minister said, “We have handed over the proposal. They will take it now. ‘

When asked about the withdrawal of those who are already identified as Rohingya, he said, “If the deal is earlier, then the matter will be decided.”

Asked whether the Prime Minister had discussed about the five issues in the meeting with the Myanmar delegation, the foreign minister said, “The discussion is not related to the five issues. We’re going through a process. The process started.

Asked whether Myanmar is reciting, he said, “If we reject before the discussion, we will not discuss it.” Have to wait. We are hopeful. “The minister’s report was taken in the discussion of the commission’s report.