‘National Race’ May Control To Set Up in Rakhine : Myanmar Chief of Army Staff

Myanmar army chief, Min Aung Liang, urged the displaced persons to return to Rakhine in Rakhine violence. In a speech in Rakhine province on Thursday, he said that the control of Myanmar’s National Race will be established there.

In his speech, there was no talk about 4 lakh 22 thousand Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh in the face of murder, arson, rape.

Rather, after the start of the violence, for the first time in Rakhine, Aung Liang said, after the coordinated attack on Rohingya rebels, on August 25, the army had successfully tackled it in the best possible manner. In response to the attack, the Myanmar army called the ‘clearance campaign’ against the Rohingya army as a racial assassination.

But Myanmar demands ‘legal campaign’ against those ‘Muslim terrorists’ attacking Buddhists and other non-Muslims. Their claims displaced 30 thousand people.

In the speech given in Sittwe in Rakhine, Aung Long said that in the rehabilitation of our own ethnic groups, those who fled their homes must first return to their homes. Under the word ‘National Race’, Myanmar is talking about nationally recognized ethnic groups through Myanmar Rohingyas were not recognized and they were called as illegal immigrants.

Liang added, the important thing is to establish control of our ‘ethnic group’ in Rakhine. If the people of our ethnic group are not in their place, then we can not do anything for them. Lying did not speak to the Rohingya Muslims who fled to Bangladesh after being oppressed in northern Rakhine for one speech in his speech. Reuters.