Petrol bomb has been thrown to prevent relief supplies for Rohingyas in Myanmar

Petrol bomb has been thrown to prevent relief supplies for Rohingyas in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. After police fired the firing and brought the situation under control. The international Red Cross was going to Rakhine state with that relief.

According to the news agency Reuters news agency, on Sunday night, the Red Cross employees were raising relief supplies in Rakhine’s capital Sita. Preparations were being taken for the Rohingyas in the relief work in the Rakhine state. Meanwhile, hundreds of anti-Rohingya protesters appeared there and tried to stop the relief workers. Some of them had rods and rods in their hands. At one stage protesters cast petrol bomb.

Witnesses and officials from Myanmar’s government office told that at least 200 policemen appeared on the spot after getting the news. They fired blank bullets to bring the situation under control. At least eight people were injured when the demonstrators dispersed.

A Red Cross spokesman confirmed the incident and said no one was injured in the rescue operation.

On August 25, several police and army posts of Rakhine were attacked. Myanmar army and police started violent operations there, At least one thousand Rohingya are killed in fire. In the face of the campaign, 400,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh and fled to Bangladesh. Some Rohingyas are still in Rakhine, but they have been facing food crisis. Not getting out of the jungle. In this situation, Red Cross took initiative to supply relief there.