Police station: A small businessman lost two eyes

The police took me completely to the police station on 18th July. Then they demanded one and a half million taka. But if I could not pay the money, that night, They took my two eyes by rubbing the Screwdriver. In a press conference in Khulna press club on Sunday noon, a small businessman lost two eyes in police custody.

The miserable young man said that the next day after the incident, a woman named Suma Akter filed a false case against Khaliashpur Police Station in Khulna city. He is currently on bail. But concerned about the security of himself and the family. Shahjalal said 13 people including Khalishpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Nasim Khan and 13 lawmakers were involved in taking away my two eyes. He said with tears, I will not be able to see my two eyes again. But the 13 people, including OC Nasim Khan, would be exemplary punishment. At the time Shahjalal has demanded the government to get two eye treatment and justice for his recovery.

Shahjalal complained that at the press conference, police threatened him and his family members to withdraw the case. Police threatened to give false cases if the case was not withdrawn. At present they are suffering from extreme insecurity. Two eyes were lost in the eyes of the people who are living in a normal life.

During the investigation of the case, OC Nasim Khan will be withdrawn from the Khalishpur Police Station during the investigation of the case, said Mominul Islam, Khulna District Coordinator of Bangladesh Human Rights Implementation Association, a legal aid organization of the prosecution. But he did not want to withdraw. The OC proposes financial compensation for the withdrawal of the case with Shahjalal and his family members. Police rejected threats to Shahjalal’s family because they rejected the proposal.

Advocate Mina Mizanur Rahman, lawyer for Law and Salis Center, read out the written statement to Shahjalal at the press conference. Shahjalal’s mother Renu Begum, father Zakir Hossain, wife Rahila Begum and lawyers were present.

In context, on July 26, Leith News published daily Daily Ittefaq titled ‘Where is the eye of Shahjalal?’ This caused a huge uprising in Khulna and the whole country. Victim’s mother Renu Begum filed a case with the Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on September 7 against 13 people including Khalishpur Police Station OC Nasim Khan. The court ordered the investigation to submit the investigation report to the PBI by October 18.