Reema, the head of sports federation in Saudi Arabia

Men in Saudi Arabia have been the reigning sports federations for a long time. But this time she changed the trend and became the chief Princess Reema. In the announcement on Saturday, Princess Reema has been named as the head of the Saudi Multi-Sports Federation.

The name of the sports federation, which has been announced, is also a princess whose name is Reema bint Bandar Al Saud The announcement of Saudi Arabia’s change in the monarchy has greatly surprised many.

Princess Rima will coordinate both men and women both sports. However, he did not come suddenly in the Saudi sports world. Prior to this, in 2016, Princess Rima has been in the cabinet. His position was similar to that of the sports minister.

Princess Rima graduated from a university in the United States. In Saudi Arabia, women are generally not allowed to play sports in public. There are also criticisms against the private sports center.