Rohingya crisis: US lawmakers demand strict action

Some US lawmakers and officials of the United States have demanded a fresh ban on the Myanmar government or stop the aid to stop the suppression of the army on Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine.

But US State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Patrick Murphy said that there should be a need to take action against Myanmar so that the situation does not get worse.

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives came out with a similarity in the hearing of the Rohingya crisis in the Foreign Affairs Committee.

In the face of suppression of army in Rakhine, more than 500,000 Rohingyas fled

to Bangladesh since August 25 and fled to Bangladesh. They say that the army killed people in arid shot in the Rohingya villages. Rohingya women are being raped, the village is being burned after the village.

Myanmar’s leader Suu Kyi described this campaign as a ‘fight against terrorists’, but the United Nations has identified it as a ‘ethnic cleansing campaign’.

The Myanmar government is not allowing international human rights organizations including the United Nations to see the situation in Rakhine state. Even there preventing any other organization, except the ICRC, to prevent relief.

It has to count the cost of Bangladesh and international aid companies. They are struggling to meet food, water, shelter and minimum demand for a large number of people.

Because of this role of the Myanmar Government, the Western allies, who were once the symbols of South-East Asia’s democracy, were sued by the Nobel laureate Suu Kyi. Many US lawmakers have called for strong action against Myanmar.

Republican Party’s Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Ed Royce said that in the latest statement, Suu Kyi denied the ‘ethnic cleansing’, which is ‘not right’.

“Those responsible for those violence must face the trial. Suu Kyi and her country’s army will have to take this challenge. This must be an ethnic cleansing campaign. ”

Democrats Senior Representative Eliot Angle is one of them in the Foreign Affairs Committee, who has demanded to review the decision to lift the US sanctions on Myanmar and the country’s military.

The International Investigators have urged the Suu Kyi government to allow them to go to Rakhine.

Republican Congress member Scott Perry said, “We are sitting here after a suit, and people are being killed there, they are being overthrown from their own country. Nobody will have to stand against it. ”

Murphy is trying to identify who are behind the human rights violations in Myanmar.

Ted Iho, a member of the Asia Committee on the Asia Committee of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said that if the UN investigators allow the Myanmar government to stop US aid until the UN investigation is allowed to enter Rakhine,

USAID representative Kate Sawangsiri said that the matter will be considered.

“We must consider all alternatives by understanding the horrors of the situation.”