Save The life of Prof. Hasina Ferdous

Sonaimuri (Noakhali) correspondent:
Hasina Ferdous is a known name for all the teachers and educators of Chatkhil-Sonaimuri. Who has been teaching college for more than twelve years since the beginning of joyag college. Today, thousands of her students have achieved higher education. On the horrors of fate, at the age of 39, she was diagnosed with life-death in the death of lung cancer lung cancer today.

Hasina Ferdous’s life is a big tragedy. She lost his father on 15 days of birth. Her mother, Shirin Akhtar, was confronted with the hard struggle of life and struggle with the only helpless girl to live. In the exchange of hundreds of hardships, after establishing a standard teacher leaving the chest in the womb. She is crazy about the only girl. Talking to her, she is told to teach her a great deal of happiness and peace with her. Her only child Munni is her world.

Talking to Hasina Ferdous, she said in a tears, “I have spent all my life working with Jayag College, this institution is in the process of my life, I will recover and return to this college with the rest of my life, Insha Allah.” Thinking of the future, she cries tears.

Save the life of Hasina Ferdous

Hasina’s family does not have the ability to afford medical expenses for this disease. Still, in an attempt to save the girl, her mother arranged to send her to Mumbai’s Tata Cancer Hospital on October 7 for treatment.

We hope that all the educators, industrialists, social workers, politicians, students and students of Calcutta, local MP, Chatkhil-Sonaimuri will come forward and pray – to save these meritorious college teachers.
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