Sitting span, visible Padma bridge

Padma bridge is now visible. Today, the first span was placed on the 37th and 38th pillars at the Jajira front of the bridge at around 10:15 am on Saturday.

Road transport and construction minister Obaidul Quader supervised the installation of the span from the spot.

The first span was installed at the Jajira Point on Padma bridge. Photo: Sajid Hossain

According to bridge department sources, 41 spans will be installed in Padma bridge. Today the first span is installed. Parts of this span made in China are brought by ship to the countryside. From there, it was fitted with Mawar Kumarogog Construction Yard. It weighs 3,200 tons. It was brought from Mawa to Jazira end with a floating crane weighing 3 thousand 700 tonnes. On Sunday morning, the span reached Jaberi on 31 st December. From here again the dredging took place near the 37th and 38th pillars on Friday. The work of the span on the pillar started with the crane at two o’clock. In the evening, the span is hanged along the poles by a distance of one meter. Work started again from eight in the morning. Nattbaltu is connected to the span at nine. At 10am, the span was fully placed on the pole.

In addition to Minister Obaidul Quader, people of the bridges and project-related civil-military officers and contractors of the organization were present for this work.

Bridge Division sources said, the second span of the bridge will be set up at the end of October. Of the 41 spans, 12 spans are ready for shipment from China. Earlier, there were 10 spans in Mawa.

According to bridge division sources, the total pillar (pillar) in the bridge will be 42. 150 meters from one pillar to another. The bridges will be constructed with long steel structure or span pairs for this distance. Currently 16 pillars are being constructed.

This is how the bridge is visible. Photo: Six piles are being installed under each pole of the Sajid Hossain Padma bridge. In all, the number of pills is 240. These piles of steel are being installed in the depths of 96 to 128 meters below the ground. So far, 68 pilings have been completed. 17 more pylaxes are in progress.

On June 18, 2014, the government signed an agreement with the China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company, a Chinese contracting company to build the main bridge. It costs 12 thousand 133 crore taka. China’s other company Sinohydro Corporation is working on river administration. The contract with them is in November 2014. The cost of this work is estimated to be 8,708 crore taka. Apart from this, the toll plaza, connecting roads and infrastructure are being constructed at the two ends.

The project cost of the Padma Bridge stands at Tk 28.79 billion So far, about 14 thousand crores of rupees have been spent, project officials said.

The double-decker

The double-decker Padma bridge is between Mawa of Munshiganj and Jajiria of Shariatpur. The length of the main bridge (water part) is 6 decimal 15 kilometers. If you take part of the vessel, the bridge will be about 9 kilometers long. The steel span on the pillar will be installed, the train will run through it. And the vehicles will run over.