Six famous people who suffered a past of poverty and needs

More than half of the world’s population is thought to live in poverty, which means that billions of people live in precarious situations without basic services, access to health care, education and adequate food. The above figures are alarming and many institutions as well as individuals have been working for decades to help many people out of poverty.

It is said that the divine nature is inherent to every human being and there is an infinite abundance, where each person can adhere to that abundance, overcome poverty and achieve great financial goals. If the essence of each person is abundant, then why is there so much poverty? The answer lies in the paradigm of poverty that dominates the minds of all these people, external conditions such as armed conflict, corruption, political instability, land problems, etc. They are the effect of the mentality, which fortunately can be changed.
When the mind is closed in on an idea, it can not conceive anything different, for example when the gunpowder came to Europe people were accused of possessing witchcraft or possess hidden powers, now the vast majority of people understand that it is gunpowder . With poverty, something similar happens, millions of people find it difficult to conceive of a world of opportunity, because the whole environment around them is poor and minds adapt so much that it is concluded that living in precariousness is normal.

Tom Cruise. Because his family was under-resourced and because of his father’s instability, Tom Cruise had to live a stage full of poverty in his childhood. He went through more than 15 schools and then had to travel the whole country to find some job that would somehow help him survive, while he continued his dream of being an actor.

Jennifer Lopez. The star of ‘Shades of Blue’ slept for a long time in her dance studio as she did not have enough money. After leaving his home in the Bronx district of New York, Lopez entered a situation of absolute precariousness in which he had to feed only on the bases of the pizzas, since their cost did not exceed a dollar.
Selena Gomez. His mother, who had it at age 16, did not have the resources at the time to support Selena. He needed money to even mobilize his car, because he did not want to ask money from his parents.

Leonardo Dicaprio. He is also another actor who had a childhood full of low resources. When he was only a year old, his parents took different courses and so he had to live with his mother in disreputable suburbs in the city of Los Angeles.

Daniel Craig. This James Bond, who will now participate in the show ‘Purity’, was also in poverty. The most difficult moment of his life had to live when he went to study in London. He slept many times on the banks of Hyde Park because he could not afford to rent a bedroom. Besides, he had no family support, because his parents had lost everything because of the debts.

Jessica Alba. When Jessica was a little girl, her parents were of low resources, reason why, suffered a childhood with situations of precariedad. In addition, it was quite sickly, which prevented that the situation of its parents did not improve in that stage.