‘Subodh’ waiting for dawn. ‘Subodh, when will dawn?’

Speaking again, the wall of the city spoke again. For the worse time, Ferrari ‘Subodh’ again spoke the language of life in the city of life. The desire for dawn in the wall of this year has been released by Subhodh. Here is a girl, a daughter-in-law, a cock, and a dagger.

This kind of grapevine is known as Graffiti. On the wall of the old airport on Agargaon-Mohakhali Link Road, the two graffiti of Subodh has been drawn. One can see that Subodh is sitting on the shoulder of a daughter-in-law. Subhod’s constant companion cottage sun Written next, ‘Subodh, when will dawn?’ Another picture was seen in the picture, a prisoner hanging on the wire called for a cock, increasing the throat of the sun. Like the previous graffiti, the word ‘hoaki’ (HOBEKI?) Has been used as a logo.

Subodh’s paintings on various walls of the capital, sometimes subdued by a crawling sun, sometimes a prisoner, or a despondent man. The story of those pictures, titled ‘Why Subodh Will Escape’ has been reported on June 2 in the first light. Subhod has got a lot of young people in the T-shirt. However, the identity of Subodh was not revealed yet or the reason for his escape.

Image commentators say graffiti is popular in many countries of the world as an artistic medium to spread any political or social message. However, it has not been seen before in Bangladesh.

Graffiti has become an integral part of the resistance movement in different countries. In the near future, the presence of graffiti in Delhi’s anti-rape movement, the Occupy Wall Street movement, anti-Israel movement, or recent protest of Jadabpur Student Movement. In the decade of the 1990s, especially in the Dhaka University area, the ‘Aizuddin’ dialects received a lot of attention. In the next decade, another dialect was seen, ‘Waiting … Nazir’. Many people used to explain them in conjunction with the political situation of that time.
Recently, a diagram showing the Dhaka Medical College area. Writing there, ‘There is a lot of trouble. Do not live Give a little news. Bishnupriya Bhavan, Purana Paltan ….

Art critic Mr. Mustafa Zaman said in the first light that the graspis of Subodh has been painted using stencils (leakage for writing or drawing). This method can be used for quick drawing of spray. Drawing graffiti using the UK’s famous graffiti using Banksy stencils.

Graffiti published from Manfakira in Calcutta, in an illegal industry name, author Viren Das Sharma defined Graffiti, in this way, ‘Grafity is not a literary art but art of art without art.
A fascinating creator of Perth Primal Das, who made a documentary on the subject of discussion and curiosity about Subhash’s graffiti in different areas of the media including Facebook. In the documentary titled ‘Finding Subhodh’, he tried to find out many as well as the meaning of the message left by Subodh on the wall on the wall. The documentary can be seen at:

The young creator said in the first light, ‘The proof of how strong a medium can be, even a solid wall, the walls of Subhod are illustrated. Its designers wanted to show that the time was not going for any of us. And he is talking about the walls. ‘

One of the graffiti in front of Subodh has been drawn from Agargaon to the Baby Mela on the left wall. There is a yellow sun-dressed box holding hands in the hands of the sun. Written next, ‘Subodh, you escaped, which is no longer on time.’ On the opposite side of the weather office in Rokeya Sarani, on the wall of old airport, Subodh stood in the same post. However, the color of the boxed sun is red. Writing next, ‘Subodh, you run away, there is nothing in your destiny.’ And the three graffiti of Subodh, drawn in a row on the wall of the old airport at Agargaon-Mohakhali link road. In one of them, Subhodha was frustrated with despair, one in a runaway escape, another in the boxed sun hanging in the rope.

Another portrait of Subhod of fleeing was painted on the wall of the Sultana Kamal Women Sports Complex in Dhanmondi. But now it is buried under the political poster.
Graffiti has been painted on a wall near the Purbani Cinema Hall of Mirpur. Another graffiti is the Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Boys High School-adjacent Power House Wall. Written in it, ‘Subodh is now imprisoned in the prison, the sinful people are feeling the peace of the people.’

Graffiti’s history is so ancient that its signs are found in ancient Egypt, Greece and Roman Empire. The main themes of these works are contemporary political or social events. It is sometimes ridiculed by anti-satirism or anti-war statement or message of peace. Sometimes it became the artistic form of protests against state repression, conventional principles or decisions. But graffiti is forbidden in many countries.

The cobbled sun in the former graffiti was the only companion of fleeing Subodh. Next time Subodh is next to the symbolic icon of the generation and the symbol of new cockraising cock. Curiosity will be there, and again in some form Subodh!