The Taj Mahal is disappear in the tourism booklet

Taj Mahal disappeared from Uttar Pradesh! Even though it is astonishing to hear, it has happened in the newly released tourism promotion manual of the Uttar Pradesh government. It has been found in the book published on Monday, it does not name the Taj Mahal. But in it there is the name of Gorakhpur Math, the chief of the Math, Mahant himself, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The book has started to debate the debate. Yogi Government has been forced to sit on the run. State government statement issued on Tuesday, the published booklet is for journalistic meetings only. It is not the guide book of Uttar Pradesh tourism office. It has been said that soon the picture and name of the Taj Mahal will be added in the booklet.

However, the Opposition has not missed the opportunity to attack the Yogi government on the issue. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s hand, this incident proves that Adityanath is taking Uttar Pradesh towards the dark. Brinda Karat, a member of CPM Politburo, accused the caste of the Taj Mahal, and there was no joining of the community. Hindus and Muslims live together in this country. This way the name of the Taj Mahal is understood as the BJP government’s purpose is understood.