Tareq will not get the passport even if requested

Director General of the Directorate of Immigration and Passport (DG) Major General Masud Rezwan said that BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman will not get the new passport even if requested.

He said at a press conference in the passport office in Agargaon on Thursday in connection with Tarique Rahman’s nationality and passport dispute.

Tarique Rahman said he did not receive the passport because he was convicted in the corruption case and he did not have his national identity card.

DG Major General Masud Rezwan said that according to the passport order-1973, if the person has been punished for at least two years in the last five years from the time of application, he will not be eligible for a passport. Tareq Rahman submitted the passport in the London High Commission in 2014 and from that he did not apply for a new passport.

He also said there is no relation between citizenship and passport surrender. If no person has a passport, his citizenship can not be canceled. If Tareq Rahman has applied for the cancellation of his citizenship, then it is a different matter. But we have no idea whether Tarique Rahman has applied for the cancellation of his citizenship.

Masud Rezwan said, Tarique Rahman would return his passport if he had his National Identity Card (NID). But now everyone knows that Tarique Rahman does not have the national identity card. If Tarique Rahman wants to get his passport, he will have to come to the country and apply for national identity card.

In response to one question, DG said, there is no problem in returning to the country without a passport. He can come to the country anytime by collecting travel passes from the Bangladesh Embassy.

It may be mentioned that Tarique Rahman was sentenced to seven years in High Court in a case of money laundering. In the orphanage corruption case, the court sentenced him to 10 years in prison. Apart from this, at least 18 cases are pending in the criminal court against him. In some cases he has an arrest warrant.