The mysterious Boat, the eMa!

The mysterious Boat

Hurricane Erma in the Florida state of America hit the 10 September. The tragedy caused a huge storm, but the hurricane brought a piece of history in front of Florida. A mysterious trunk comes out on the Indian River. Such boats are not seen anymore. Archaeologists think that the boat is a few hundred years old.

The boat was first caught by photographer Randy Lathorp. The next day after the cyclone, he came out with a motorcycle in the morning and saw the storm. In an interview with ABC News, Lathorp said that he found the boat and told the Florida Bureau of Archeology Department about this. Besides, he shared some pictures of the boat on his Facebook page. Which is shared 92 thousand times in a short time.

University of Florida says it is a small wooden trunk. The boat was made of a trunk of Cyprus’s trunk. Their idea was that some ethnic groups in Florida used this type of trunk.

Florida’s Division of Historical Resources, which describes the boat as ‘special archaeological’. On the official Facebook page, they said it could be a few hundred years old. They will determine the real age of carbon through the carbon test.