The security council will be discussed again on the Rohingya issue

Efforts are being taken to discuss the Rohingya issue in the UN Security Council’s most powerful organization. The seven permanent members of the Security Council permanent and temporary members of the Council requested UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to begin negotiations. The seven countries are France, United Kingdom, United States, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Senegal and Sweden.

The news agency AFP reported that these seven countries urged the United Nations Secretary General to begin official talks with the Security Council on the ongoing “ethnic cleansing” of the Myanmar army next week. Talks are going on to fix the day of the discussion.

Antonio Guterres

Earlier, the discussion was held in the council about the ongoing situation of Rakhine in two phases. After the last negotiation, a statement in the unanimous resolution urged the organization to stop violence. Criticism of excessive overcrowding on civilians is also criticized.