Tillerson tried to give water to the fire

On the issue of nuclear and missile testing, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to cool the ongoing tensions between the US and North Korea for the first time. He has tried diplomatic attempts to control the heated situation caused by pouring water into the fire.

Tillerson said on Saturday that the United States is in direct contact with North Korea. Washington is discussing with Pyongyang, which is still in progress.

During the visit to China, the US Secretary of State said that our approach to Pyongyon is open. We are not in the dark situation.

In recent times, the war between North Korea and the United States continued. But they did not know the way in which they were open.

The US Secretary of State has said that relations between the two countries are improving gradually, the US State Department has confirmed that the way to negotiate with Pyongyang is open.

Meanwhile, US State Department spokesman Hedar Noorate said in a statement that despite giving assurances that the United States is not interested in the collapse of North Korean rule, North Korea has not indicated any interest or discussion to reduce nuclear power.

The United States wants to withdraw from North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. But North Korea continued to run the nuclear warhead and missile tests after one by one, Already on September 3, they again carried out successful missile tests.

Despite the United Nations sanctions, we are continuing to test one nuclear and missile test. Korea. The United States concerned about which. China and Japan are also concerned about this. In Washington, Washington often warns Pyongyang. But there is no change in the situation. This is not the US warning, but in the words of soft tone It is worth watching whether Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un melt his mind.

In fact, US President Donald Trump threatens to blow North Korea recently in the UN General Assembly speech. North Korea’s Foreign Minister and the diplomat Rai Yong Ho has called it a ‘barking dog scream’. The tensions between the two countries spread further. For some days, between Trump and Kim, the war between war and mud mobs Source: New York Times, BBC