Trump’s speech was commented as ‘dog barking’

North Korea opened its first speech at the United Nations General Assembly session with US President Donald Trump Speaking to reporters at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Thursday, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Rie Yong Ho Trump’s speech was commented as ‘dog barking’.

This is North Korea’s first reaction after the trump speech.

Trump said in a UN General Assembly meeting that the United States would destroy North Korea completely if forced to comply. “North Korea’s Foreign Minister Rie Yong-Ho said,” There is a proverb that a dog is barking, but the parade does not stop. If the trump is bothered to bother us, then he is dreaming.’

Trump has called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as ‘Rocketman’. When asked to comment on the comments, Rhe and Young said, “I am sorry for his partners.”

In the United Nations General Assembly speech, Trump warned North Korea to withdraw from nuclear program. North Korea threatens to end his country by referring to Kim Jong-Un as ‘Iron Man’. Trump said, “The United States has great power and patience. But if we are forced to defend ourselves or allies, we will have no choice but to destroy North Korea. ‘

The threat of tragedy to the Korean leader is more threatening to the trumpet, ‘Rocketman is driving himself and his country towards suicidal operations.’ “The United States is ready, willing and capable. But hopefully it will not be needed.