UN wants political solution to the Rohingya crisis

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sought political solution for the Rohingya crisis Most of the countries have expressed this expectation.

According to UN Secretary-General Guterres, the Rohingya people have no citizenship at the root of the crisis. So, as a prerequisite for solving, he demanded citizenship. At the same time, the Myanmar army called Rakhine the operation of the army and demanded access to human rights activists.

In the open session of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday, Secretary-General Gutters emphasized on continuous dialogue between Myanmar and Bangladesh. He thanked Bangladesh for recognizing the generosity by sheltering nearly 500,000 Rohingyas.

United Nations Security Council discussion Photo: Collected
At the meeting of the Security Council’s seven members, permanent and temporary members of China, Russia and the United States spoke in the meeting. Representatives from Bangladesh and Myanmar also took part in this meeting as the country concerned. Representatives from most countries have demanded humanitarian assistance in Myanmar to stop the violence on Rohingyas and provide humanitarian assistance there.

The United States’s view to stop military cooperation
US ambassador Niki Hailey condemned the violence in the Rakhine state. He condemned the assassination of the Rohingya Salvation Army (Aresa) on Aug 25 in Rakhine police checkpoint. However, he said, the counter-measures taken by the Myanmar army are not acceptable. He also agreed to stop all types of military cooperation with the Myanmar army.

Flexible China and Russia to Myanmar

International community outline
On the basis of this meeting of the Security Council, an outline of the activities of the international community has become clear on the issue of the Rohingya crisis. The three main components of this are to stop the violence immediately, to remove all the barriers to sending humanitarian aid and to get the political solution to participate in all parties for the lasting peace.

All members of the council praised Bangladesh for giving shelter to Rohingya in their speech.