The United Nations fears the Rohingyas coming from Myanmar to Bangladesh again

The Myanmar government does not let anyone go to Rohingya Muslims in that country, the United Nations described it as ‘unacceptable’.
Mark Lokak, head of the UN Humanitarian Relief Department, said thousands of Rohingyas still remain in Myanmar’s Rakhine after the violence.
In a news conference in Geneva, Mr. Lokayk said that Rohingyas are going to get back to Bangladesh from Myanmar again.

More than 500,000 Rohingyas have already fled to Bangladesh in the face of military operations in Myanmar’s western state Rakhine.
This violence started in Rakhine since August. In the last six weeks it has become a major humanitarian disaster.
Mr. Lokak said they expect the high-level delegation of the UN to visit Myanmar within the next few days.

The BBC’s correspondent from Geneva says that if the officer is taken to Rakhine, he will not be allowed to work independently.
Earlier, the UN’s Rakhine military campaign on Rohingyas was compared to racial segregation.
But Myanmar’s army says they are trying to suppress the terrorists. This crackdown has been started by the Burmese security forces after the militants attacked them.

Human rights organizations say that more than 400 villages of Rohingyas have been burnt down.
In this situation, the United Nations Human Rights Relief Department chief Mark Lokak called upon Myanmar to allow his officials to go to Rakhine.
He said the Rohingyas are not yet closed. Thousands of Rohingyas are still in Myanmar. And for that reason, if the refugees drift again, we have to be ready for that. ”
Quoting Myanmar’s official message, Reuters says more and more Rohingya are ready to cross the border.
For this reason, they mentioned the fear of insecurity amongst the Rohingya as well as their health and food crisis.