US Senators Want to Ban Myanmar Soldiers

United States Senators have demanded a ban on the senior army officers of Myanmar’s Rakhine because of its involvement in arbitrary killings, rape and torture, and accused of crimes against humanity. Alongside economic sanctions, it has also been proposed to ban travel restrictions.

On Thursday, the US Senate formally submitted the proposal to the top Senators of Republican and Democratic groups. News PTI

The United States Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, Republican Senator John McCain, Democrat Senator Ben Cardin, Dick Durbin, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Tod Young.

In addition, Senator Ed Marc, Jeff Markley, Diane Fain Strein, Brian Starts, Tim Cain, Chris Ven Hahn, Tommy Ballwin, Corey Booker and Ziani Shahin signed the proposal. In the proposal, the member of the US House of Commons House of Commons, Eliot Angle, and Steve Chabot also supported the proposal.

Before the start of the US President Donald Trump’s Asia tour, the government’s and opposition’s senators submitted the proposal. Besides, on November 15, US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron will be visiting Myanmar.

The proposal of the Senators has been advocated for the reform of Myanmar’s economic and security sector. Senator McCain said, “The incident of human rights violations on the Rohingyas clearly indicates strong reaction from the United States and the international community. The United States will not stand beside the Myanmar army officers should know clearly about killing and displacing helpless men and women. ”

The Burmese army started the ‘Rohingya killings’ after the attack on 30 army-police patrols on August 25 in Rakhine. Then more than 600,000 Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh to escape from the killing and rape, which are still continuing. The United Nations said that the number of Rohingyas fleeing in Bangladesh could exceed 10 lakhs if Rakhine army’s carnage continues. It has also been termed as the best example of “ethnic killings” to refer to the Myanmar massacre in textbooks.