Verdict in favor of independence in Catalunya voting

Regional leader Carles Pusademan has claimed that the region has got the right to form the state after the verdict in favor of independence in the referendum on the question of independence of Catalan Catalunya.

Despite the Spanish barrier on Sunday, the Catalan people took part in the referendum on the question of independence in Autonomous Catalunya, the BBC reported.

Catalan officials said 42 percent of the three percent votes were cast and 90 percent of the voters voted for independence.

In a broadcast speech on television, unanimously the door for declaration of independence has been exposed, Pujedeman has claimed. During the speech, other senior Catalan leaders were seen standing beside Pujaedeman.

He said, “In these days of hope and suffering, the citizens of Catalan have gained the right to form a republican state.”

“My government, within the next few days, will send the results of today’s vote to the Catalan parliament so that the parliament can take action according to the law of referendum. Our people’s sovereignty is prevailing in parliament. ”

Since then, the European Union (EU) will not be able to “continue to be seen in other ways”.
The Spanish government has taken steps to stop the vote after declaring the Catalan referendum as unconstitutional on the question of independence.

Independence of Catalan Catalunya

Catalunya’s emergency department officials said 761 people were injured in police force violence due to efforts to stop the referendum.

Police officials were able to prevent some people from voting and seized ballot papers and ballot boxes from the polling booth, BBC said.

In the Catalan capital of Barcelona, ​​the police threw rubber bullets as well as sticks and sticks to prevent the referendum.

Spain’s Interior Ministry said 12 police officers were injured in the violence and three were arrested.

Shortly after the voting took place at 8 pm on Sunday, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rachao commented that “the Catalan have fooled the people with an illegal vote”.

Earlier, criticizing the role of the police, Pujdemen said, “The violence of the Spanish state will not curb the will of the Catalan people.”