The world’s first robot is the citizen

On October 25 this year, officially a robot has been given equal status to the people. Saudi Arabia has already given citizenship to the robot named Sophia.
The new chapter in the history of robotics started with this event. By: Saif Emon

Saudi Arabia has recently taken initiative to invest in different sectors including science and technology. In continuation of this, Saudi Arabia has undertaken a mega city construction project worth $ 5 billion in a huge area of ​​26,500 square kilometers. Where the number of robots will be more than the number of people.

A day after the announcement at the ongoing Future Invest Initiative Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sophia reached the stage. His behavior and speech just like people do. Expressing the same expression as humans. Sometimes smiling laughs. Everyone at the conference was shocked and fascinated.
A robot switches like a man, saying that this scenario is definitely not seen every day. On that day there was declared a Saudi Arab citizen as Sophia She is no longer just a ‘robot’. A citizen of a country, ‘One’ Sofia. But what is the legal basis to provide this citizenship and what the robot will get is not yet known. This is the first time in the world to give a robot status to citizenship. The authors of the fiction have given the idea of ​​a human emotional robot long ago. There are lots of films made of robotics. Where we see different robots. But they have probably never been considered as a citizen of a country, they probably have not.

Sofia Craftsman Hanson

Robot-maker Hanson Robotics has created a robot-like woman who has created robot Sofia. Sophia has been created by Hollywood actress Adrey Hepburn. Sofia skin made of silicone. Camera has been placed in the eye. NanoChend’s ongoing picture can be analyzed by Sophia. People could hear with it The person who knows the speaker can recognize He also looked at him. Sophia is able to express more than 100 expressions appearing with Silicon’s skin. Laughing or gambling can look as needed. The size of his eye changes with the size of the light and facial expression. The voice of the voice is like a normal woman. In some cases, any person can keep talking with him fluently. It seems most interesting when he was interviewing various TV channels. During the interview, he gave a smile to answer different questions. Even singing songs in one concert. Not only this, Sofia has also made a model as a model. Sophiaar Pictures has been featured on the cover of a fashion magazine. Sophia has gained a lot of popularity due to her attractive appearance and fluency. His interview videos have been viewed on YouTube several times.

Wisdom Sofia

Sophia is speaking about her own intelligence in conversation Sophia, who is on stage after receiving her citizenship, said, “I would like to thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a lot. I am very respected and proud in this unique separation. Getting recognition through the acquisition of citizenship as the world’s first robot is a historic event. ‘

Sofia answers different questions at this time. The show’s conductor and journalist Andrew Ross Sorquin wants to know why he should express a human expression even though he is a robot. Sophia replies, ‘I want to live and work with people. So I have to express the expression of humanity to understand them well and to gain their trust. ‘

Sourqin asked him, ‘Are the robots aware of their existence? Answer Sophia’s philosophical answer. How do you know that you are a man? ‘

Due to the future of robots ruled by the future world, Sorkin said, “We all want to avoid the bad future. ‘Sofia then replies,’ You’ve been reading a lot of alon masks and watching a lot more Hollywood movies. Do not worry, if you do good to me, then I will do good to you. ‘

Everyone who sofia heard such an intelligent answer expressed surprise. Meanwhile, Sophia participated in a television talk show ‘Good Morning Britain’ in the United States in June. The presenter asked him, ‘Are you single?’ Then Sophia answers, ‘I am only a year and a half. There is still no time to think about love. ‘

Sophia has already addressed the United Nations. There she said that her age is one and a half years and she can see everything, speak and understand the meaning of every word.

Meanwhile, after receiving Sophia’s legacy, various social contacts have created debates and criticism.